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When someone dies, certain procedures have to be followed to deal with their estate. This can include collecting in assets, paying any debts of the estate, paying free consultationInheritance Tax (if applicable) and distributing the estate under the terms of the Will of the laws of intestacy.

Dealing with a deceased estate can be a daunting experience. Our experienced solicitors can help you to deal with this often complex area of law.

What does ‘Probate’ mean?

Probate is the process of applying for the right to deal with someone’s estate. When someone dies, very often a person has to apply for ‘Grant of Representation’ which provides them with the legal authority to deal with the deceased’s finances and property.

If a Will was left then the Executors appointed in the Will can deal with distributing the estate. If no Will was left then someone has to apply for ‘Grant of Letters of Administration’ which gives them authority to deal with the estate.

In some limited circumstances it is not required to apply for grant of representation, eg. if the estate is small with limited assets. You should always seek legal advice before deciding which route to take.

Whatever type of estate you have to deal with, from the smallest to contact usthe most complex, we can advise you and assist you to whatever extent you require. This may mean simply obtaining initial advice on which route to take or us handling the whole process for you and administering the estate.

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