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Appointing Guardians in your Will

When making a Will, it is essential to consider what would happen to your children in the event of both parents passing away.

For children under 18 you can use your Will to appoint guardiansfree consultation for your children. Guardians would be the people who would take over caring for your children in the event of both parents passing away.

If you do not appoint Guardians, it is likely that your family members would step in to take care of your children; however, it may not be the people who you would wish. By appointing Guardians in your Will it enables you to choose the person(s) you think most appropriate.

Appointing Guardians can also avoid family disputes where your wishes on this subject were not known.

Deciding who to appoint as a Guardian is not a simple decision. You will need to consider many things when deciding who to choose. Points you may wish to consider:

  • The parenting style of the person
  • The person’s values and religious beliefs
  • The stability of the person’s current life
  • The long term health of the person
  • Financial ability to look after your children
  • Does your child already feel comfortable with the person
  • Where the person lives, ie. Would your child have to change school
  • The age of the person. Are they of a similar age to you? Particularlycontact us in relation to the age of grandparents if they are very old and your child is very young. Are they going to be around to look after your child into adulthood?

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